8 Months Later

It has been nagging at my mind recently that I left this story unfinished.  The past months have been a whirlwind, being first time parents with a newborn baby makes life hard!  Add to it that the adoption process doesn’t end with birth.  Curve balls can still be thrown, and at times it felt like we were living the Lifetime movie that so many had warned us not to watch.  Now, 8 months later, we are an “Official Family”.  The adoption has been finalized, and we are parents.

Before writing this post I re-read much of my blog, reliving the journey that brought us here.  3 years after beginning our journey to parenthood our daughter was born!  We sat at an adoption orientation just over 2 years ago now, scared and unsure.  Around a year before a judge declared our family official we received our first email from the woman who became our child’s birthmom.  We brought our child home, just as I had imagined months earlier, wrapped in a simple blanket I made.  The little gray room with the yellow curtains that I spent so much time perfecting, my sanctuary for dreaming (and where many of this blog’s posts were written), is now where my daughter sleeps and plays.  My friends threw me a baby shower a few months ago, at the end of which the baby herself got to make an appearance.  Mother’s day this year was filled with happy tears, as I celebrated my new role, and also honored the woman who gave my child life. I look back on our journey and I wouldn’t change a thing, because in the end the most perfect child found us.

I don’t plan to re-hash every detail of he past 8 months here.  But I would like to update this blog with  some valuable lessons that the events of adoption and parenting has taught me and my family.  I don’t know how much time I’ll have to write, and how many posts I’ll be motivated to share.  But for those who are interested, I’ll continue to tell our story.



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