What is Real?

When you’ve been disappointed time and time again you become skeptical of any prospect of a happy ending.  Especially when your fate lies completely out of your control, in the hands of someone you’ve just met.  Who is this woman? What’s going through her mind? What can I do to help her? How do I know if anything she’s telling me is real?

On the one hand, you want so badly for things to work out, for everything to fall into place.  But you also remember that adoption is plagued with heartache, and you are constantly looking over your shoulder for the red flags, trying to protect yourself.  You can’t help but wonder in the back of your mind — Is she telling the truth?

At this point we are at the mercy of a 17 year old girl.  We know only what she’s told us, and told the social workers. We step forward, one step at a time, on faith and prayers.  And, skeptical as I may be at points, I find myself caught up in the excitement, in the idea that this could be it.  I find myself absorbed into the situation, already falling in love with this child, envisioning bringing this baby into our family.  I imagine this is our baby’s birthmom, and already feel the bond that will tie us together through love for the same young soul. My heart is officially no longer guarded, and in the hands of someone who was a stranger just over a week ago.  Something tells me to trust her, so I do.


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