Someone Likes Us!

My phone rang yesterday.  The caller ID said it was the agency.

The first thing the social worker said was not to get too excited.  Before she told me anything she warned me that usually she wouldn’t call this early in a situation.  But, she said, a birthmother is interested in us, and specifically wants us to know.

She’s only 9 weeks pregnant.  It’s way too early for her to really know if adoption is the right choice for her.  She’s young and living with her parents.  They support an adoption plan. But her boyfriend and his parents want her to get an abortion.  The social worker described her as “happy and bubbly”.  She’s only 9 weeks pregnant.

And she picked us.

I fully expect that this particular situation won’t work out.  I understand why the social worker was hesitant to tell us anything just yet.  There’s a very good chance we will never hear anything more from this woman.  I’m not getting my hopes up.

But she picked us!

In a strange way I feel like this just brings us one step closer to the situation that will eventually work out.  I have been expecting a few false starts, and possibly failed situations, before we meet the birthmom of our child.  In a way each one will bring us that much closer to our baby.  Having heard nothing since going “live” almost 5 months ago has left me feeling like we’re doing something wrong.  This is positive reinforcement of everything we’ve done so far. She saw something in our profile that, at least for the moment, makes her want us to raise her baby.   And if she picked us, one day someone else will too.


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