Watched “Juno” Last Night

I’ve seen the movie many times before, but it’s been a while.  This time I saw it through a whole new lens.  There were parts that I never thought were realistic that I now realize actually are.  Who finds a family to adopt their baby in the “Penny Saver?”  Well, come to find out, advertising is a huge part of adopting, and ads can pop up everywhere from facebook and craigslist to church bulletin boards and, yes, the Penny Saver.  Other parts I now see as a bit over the top.  (I better never come home to find my husband had just hit on our birthmom!)  The “traditional closed adoption” that they so quickly arrive at hadn’t bothered me previously, but now I found myself wondering why the lawyer didn’t take a little more time to impress upon Juno the ramifications of that decision, and why the adoptive parents weren’t at least a little concerned for the long term affects that may have on the child.

However I’ll admit I didn’t expect the end to effect me as much as it did.  When the nurse asked the adoptive mom if she’s ready to see her son I began to cry uncontrollably.  One day, that will be me!  I’ve heard stories of other adoptions, and seen friends raising adopted children.  But to see that moment happen right in front of me, even in a fictional movie, it left me with such a calm confidence that we will get there too.  One day, that will be me!


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