Hurry Up

It feels like there has been so much to do in the last few weeks.  So much so that I haven’t had any time to write.  First, we had to work with the social worker to complete the home study.  We sat down with her in her office together, then each took a turn meeting with her separately, and then she came to our home for a short final visit.  I was nervous that one miss-step on our part could lead her to deciding we weren’t fit to adopt, that we had to be on our best behavior in order to pass.  In actuality, she was looking for large red flags, an unsafe home, an abusive family member, extreme situations that certainly didn’t apply to us.  So a few short meetings and a mountain of paperwork later, the home study is finished.  It will take a few more weeks for her to write up and submit the final report, but we’re free to move ahead with the process.

And moving ahead means finding a birthmom, which means outreach.  I’ve spent the past few weeks revising, modifying, simplifying, and manipulating our “Dear Birthmom” flier into a final form.  I spent countless hours staring at it, rotating pictures, adjusting text, and changing color schemes.  A big part of me has loved having something to work on, something I can control.  But at some point I had to let go and declare it done.  Off to the printer it went, and this morning I delivered the final copies to the agency.  We are now officially listed as a potential adoptive family!


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